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CHILAS LUX TOURS is active in every sector of the touristic industry and can offer you a wide range of transfer services and tour with comfort, luxury, safety and punctuality along your transportation. Accordingly and always in cooperation with you we shape your transportations with absolute respect and confidentiality, adjustable to your clients’ needs just the way you demand. Our goal is always to maintain stable and trustworthy partnerships. This is how we also assist the image of the touristic services in Greece. Challenging or not the transfer you require we will be ready to meet your standards just one phone call away.


Sports clubs, teams or athletic groups have their own transportation needs. Their transportation in any kind of event like a game tournament, hiking tour or even a simple training must be done with safety and confidentiality especially when distinguished athletes are transported. By choosing CHILAS LUX TOURS, you will have end to end transportation luxury solutions.

Search through our wide range of vehicles, choose what meets your expectations and get in contact with us in order to organize your team’s transportation. At the same time we can provide you with extra premium services which will not only be useful but also necessary; carrier services and a lot more that you can find here


A child’s or a whole classroom transportation demands special attention, responsibility, punctuality and safety. With CHILAS LUX TOURS the children’s safety during their transportation is for us most important thing in which we cannot compromising with anything less that choosing the best vehicles that will cover not only the European and National Standards in order to transport underage children but also ours for their safety. Emphasizing in detail we can be of great assistance to the difficult work of the educators and the safely transportation of the children either in school or educational visits to museums, institutions or cultural events or trips to camps, and anywhere else you would like. We can also provide you with special seats depending the children’s age following arrangement. See our fleet of vehicles here


For those of you who are professional conference organizers and take over a conference, an exhibition, workshops or any professional event, our company CHILAS LUX TOURS, can really assist you in every transportation or tours you would like to provide your clients. We handle with professionalism and always in cooperation with you as many transfers you will assign us. Our punctuality and perfect communication with you for your clients’ transportation, our English-speaking drivers and the services that we offer can become a loyal partner for you. We can additionally provide you with escort services, luggage carrier, tourist guide and other services that you can see εδώ


If you are searching for effective and loyal partnerships with high quality transfers services provided, in CHILAS LUX TOURS you will find a new prosperous collaboration. Take advantage of our services and offer your clients group or individual high quality transfers that will ensure that your clients are totally satisfied. From a simple, to the most complex transfers which your clients may demand, CHILAS LUX TOURS makes it a priority not only to cooperate with you but to keep you fully satisfied in order to inaugurate a new long-term collaboration. Our fleet of vehicles may cover transfers for individuals, small groups but also large number of tourists. For every part of Greece, islands or the mainland, for every airport, or port we are at your service to adjust your transportations that you have organized based on your clients’ demands. Learn more about our fleet of our vehicles here


In order to transport the members of your cultural association in a specific location to watch or take part in an event you need a reliable transportation services company. With small, large or numerous groups our company CHILAS LUX TOURS offers the most premium transportation services that you can find in Greece, always on time. Our fleet consists of the latest models of vehicles and our professional drivers can ensure that your transportation to the cultural event you are wish to visit will be as you have planned.


With care and respect for the third age, we take over the transportations for the members of many Centers of The Open Care for Elderly in any part of Greece they wish to visit. Either for religious or spa excursions, or even simple transfers, the eldest members of the Care Center requires special care as in many cases they have certain disabilities, which make it difficult for them to travel. With patience and respect our professional drivers will help them travel, whilst they will ensure that their transportation will be comfortable and easy to enjoy it no matter how far they wish to go. Our vehicles are fully equipped with every comfort in order to make them feel completely satisfied.


In every magical moment of your life, when everything seems like it came out of a fairytale your transportation must be according to your highest standards. With CHILAS LUX TOURS you will have a unique experience that will impress not only you but also your guests too. Your wedding, the baptism of your child, or any other social event of yours will happen in the best way with our luxury transfer services and tours that only CHILAS LUX TOURS can offer.  We also take charge to transfer your guests to the place of the ceremony or the event venue that will follow and anywhere else you wish wherever it is.

See our fleet of vehicles


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