We have formed for you a series of integrated tours and excursions in the urban area of Athens as well as in the Greek countryside; in archeological/historical places all over Greece and the Greek islands.

You will be greatly impressed by our suggestions concerning your touring. In case you desire something special our excursions can be adjusted to your expectations and timings in every place you wish to visit, in order to enjoy every moment in our country.


The cradle of the Western civilization has only one capital; Athens. Get to know the city called “crossroad” of three continents and find out its secrets; from the ancient era to nowadays, with the unique tours we have created for you. From Myth to present we offer you unique tours that will stay unforgettable.


Enjoy the amazing Greek nature with the traditional villages with the unique tours of CHILAS LUX TOURS

With our job being our passion we have shaped only for you unique tours that will travel you back in the times of Mythology and into the greatness of the Greek History. From delving the routes of wine of Dionysus to the breathtaking Meteora, our country is full of amazing destinations and beautiful sights that you can discover. Just choose the tour you wish to make, and leave the rest in CHILAS LUX TOURS.

Combining tours

Get to know Greece’s most famous monuments with your family and take advantage from our special prices

Excursions abroad

Want to discover the unique feel of cosmopolitan London? Looking for the romance and feel of the Eternal City? How far do you want to get?

Wherever you are traveling in the world, do so with the tranquil luxury that only CHILAS LUX TOURS can offer. Plenty of original as well as classic options can make your trip magical. Our goal is to fulfill your ambitions for an unforgettable trip abroad that will perfectly balance the fun, luxury and relaxation you desire.

Ask for an offer and we will realize the tour you are dreaming of

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